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Does your website bring you new customers?

Welcome to Sawgrass Digital Marketing, we are a search engine optimization and digital marketing agency. We specialize in proven traffic generation strategies that put your website in front of your ideal audience. Our proven strategies will help you dominate your competition by taking over Google.

1. Attract

Attract your ideal customer through search engine optimization, targeted online advertising, and improved social media engagement. The web landscape is competitive for any type of business, work with the experts.

2. Convert

Capitalize on your increased website traffic and turn visitors into paying customers with conversion rate optimization.

3. Optimize

Consistent monitoring and testing is key to squeezing out the last few dollars from your marketing campaign. Stay on top of you competition and maintain your rankings with analytics and SEO.

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The SEO and Digital Marketing Experts

Local advertising includes Google Places listings, Yelp, Facebook, and others.

Consumers are spending more and more time searching for products and services on their phone.

Social media marketing is an incredible method for promoting your brand to a targeted demographic or segment.

In today’s day and age content truly is king. Search engines are placing more selective emphasis on fresh informative web content.

Also known as PPC advertising, search engine advertising is a highly relevant, targeted medium for offers and other ad messaging.

Retargeting allows you to serve high frequency display ads to website visitors that you’ve identified as being more than just a window shopper.

What gets measure gets managed, and what gets measured gets done.

Sawgrass can help you to put the pieces of the social media puzzle together.

Call it dated, just don’t call it dead. Email marketing is still one of the internet’s most powerful advertising platforms.