Growth Redefined

Sawgrass is a digital marketing agency based in Calgary Alberta, and we are redefining what growth means for small businesses. We specialize in maximizing your small businesses marketing budget to provide you with a high return on your marketing investment in a measurable, repeatable fashion.

We often refer to our clients as partners and like to think of ourselves as an extension of your current operation. Your success is our success.

What is Growth Redefined?

Small businesses have traditionally lacked the infrastructure to benefit from more traditional marketing strategies. By redefining their approach and focusing on growth oriented marketing techniques small businesses can overcome the commonplace logistical and capital based challenges of traditional push based marketing. Growth Redefined is our trademark and philosophy. We are a growth oriented digital marketing agency that specializes in small to medium businesses.

We’ve taken lessons from the Silicon Valley start-up sector and applied them to the small business brick and mortar world. The start-up sector is very crafty, and extremely resourceful. Often working with less than they need to produce results where others have failed, much like a small brick and mortar business. Let’s redefine what growth means for you, and your small business.

How can your small business benefit?

If you were to ask us how to keep a small business owner up at night we’d tell you to ask them if their marketing dollars are being spent effectively. Questions like this are incredibly difficult to quantify without the data and expertise to support analysis. You toss and turn in bed asking yourself questions like “What does effective even mean?” or “What if I am flushing my money away?” You’ve spent some money here and there, and you’ve made steady progress but what did it really result in? How many new sales did it produce and how many new customer relationships did it garner? 

So what does this mean for you and your business? It means that marketing is evolving. The days of spending money and not being able to track the results are over. Growth marketing is about leveraging a small businesses available resources through analytics and creativity to produce uncharacteristic levels of growth.


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