5 Poor Excuses For Not Having An Online Lead Generation System In Your Business

  • May 16, 2017

This post might sting a little.

The vast majority of small business owners I talk too are dragging their feet when it comes to online lead generation. According to ReachLocal “51% of local businesses surveyed said that lead generation is a challenge.” And when you look at how businesses are avoiding the topic these days it shows.

I don’t care if you’re a plumber, accountant, landscaper, or attorney. If you’re still attempting to grow your business with old school “hope and pray” marketing tactics like networking and referrals you’re probably guilty of one of these excuses.

Don’t get me wrong, some of the old school tactics still work well today but you’re placing a cap on your ability to reach and sell to new customers. Understand that most businesses fail nowadays for one simple reason, they can’t reach and sell to a sufficient number of customers to sustain the businesses. This is where online lead generation saves the day.

What is an online lead generation system? It can be anything from Facebook advertising, SEO, Google PPC etc. Any medium that reaches out to your audience at scale and encourages them to engage your services. With online lead generation you know with a high level of certainty how many new leads and customers you’re going to have come into the business month after month. For most growth minded businesses this is the holy grail. No more wondering where your next lead is going to come from.

With a solid lead generation plan in place your customers will be knocking on your door all day long and not the other way around. So why haven’t you done it yet? Let’s deconstruct the 5 reasons businesses drag their feet when it comes to online lead generation and how you can overcome these roadblocks and kick start a profitable campaign.

1. It Won’t Work For Us

If this is your mindset one of two things are at play. The first, your business is a special unicorn with a strange disease that makes your customer immune to marketing OR you’ve gotten some bad second hand advice from someone that you probably shouldn’t be taking advice from.

Online marketing is no joke and hell yeah it’s difficult! There’s a reason that experts and agencies are paid respectable amounts of money to solve this problem. But this doesn’t mean it’s not effective. It just means you haven’t gotten it nailed down yet! Don’t count yourself out before speaking with an expert, you might be surprised by what you learn.

2. We Don’t Know What We’re Doing

Mumbled by every other business owner out there. Look, whatever it is you do, that’s your “thing”, your unique skill, secret sauce etc. You can’t expect to become a marketing genius overnight just like I can’t expect to become proficient in tax law by reading a few blogs posts.

Online marketing is a vast space and there are no shortage of people trying to sell you solutions. Successful online marketing doesn’t require a PhD in advertising or search engine optimization but it does require enough knowledge to engage the right help. Educate yourself to the degree your comfortable having a productive conversation with someone that can help you navigate the waters of online marketing.

3. We Don’t Have the Resources

I’m willing to bet you have the resources and you’re simply misallocating them. Odds are your spending money here or there in one-off bursts in a panicked attempt to make something work during the down periods. Or even worse you’re spending money with the Yellow Pages for a full page ad and whatever it is they call digital marketing nowadays.

Take a look at where you are spending and calculate what sort of ROI you’re getting on the investment. Marketing works best when executed over time instead of in small bursts. It needs time to mature and must be optimized to produce the best ROI.

4. Our Prospects Aren’t Looking Online

I’m honestly a little speechless each time I get this excuse. This might of been true in 1995 before the dawn of the consumer driven internet but it can’t be farther from the truth now. According to AdWeekEighty-one percent of shoppers conduct online research before they make a purchase. Sixty percent begin by using a search engine to find the products they want.”

Consumers have defaulted to the internet to gather information before making a purchasing decision. If you aren’t found online during that process you might as well not exist.

5. Our Website Doesn’t Generate A Lot Of Business

Recent research by Infusionsoft & LeadPages found that “Nearly half of 1000 small business owners surveyed said they don’t know whether they’re marketing effectively—and 14 percent know they aren’t.”

The above says a lot about the average business owners ability to market effectively. There’s a reason your website doesn’t generate a lot of business and that reason is crappy digital marketing strategy and execution. As mentioned, you don’t need to become a digital marketing expert to solve this problem but you do need to learn enough to engage one.

In closing, a successful online lead generation campaign starts with a little bit of knowledge and a lot of execution. If you can be confident in your decision making, online lead generation will be a stress free highly profitable experience. There’s too much potential and too little time to play small these days. So unless you want to continue relying on luck to grow your business you need to drop the excuses and take this seriously.

About the Author

Thomas Eder is the founder of Sawgrass Digital Marketing, a digital marketing agency that specializes in search engine optimization for local businesses that want to increase their clicks, calls, leads, and sales. You can find Thomas on Facebook, and LinkedIn.