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Search engine optimization (SEO) offers a visible and effective search presence leading to a considerable increase in sales, profitability, and cost efficiency for our clients.


A beautiful website without traffic is useless when it comes to generating new leads for your business. Boost your traffic, and grow your business with SEO.

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Our proven data driven ranking process includes:

1. Research Phase

No two traffic campaigns are alike, which is why we start fresh with each new client. We examine your goals, offers, and competitor activity to determine the best possible ranking strategy for your industry. We hold ourselves accountable to this plan and use it to rank your website in a focused, efficient manner. Cookie cutter ranking strategies are inefficient and wasteful, therefore we always personalize our approach based on the research.

2. Optimization

This is where the real heavy lifting takes place. First we optimize your website to rank for your desired keywords, this requires attention to detail and a careful knowledge of the search engine algorithm and it's past and present penalties. Next we work to boost the authority of your website with authority link building, social media, local citations, custom maps, and a multitude of other ranking techniques. We utilize a deep toolbox and vast set of experiences to apply the right tools for the job.

3. Maintenance

After we achieve your page one ranking we shift gears into a progressive maintenance mode. We keep your website ranked by adding fresh links and keeping your strategy in alignment with changes to the search engine algorithm. This is when working with the real experts really pays off. Along with maintaining your ranking we work to identify new opportunities that can drive new or fresh sources of search engine traffic to your website. Business is constantly evolving, so should your on line marketing.

Search engine optimization is the practice of optimizing web properties or pages for specific search terms or phrases. Whenever a potential customer or client is searching for and evaluating service providers or products they will likely reach for the Google search engine first to give them some options. Long gone are the days of the phone book when people would browse to appropriate section and begin to call businesses. Now people search for products and services online because they can browse at their leisure when it's convenient. They can gather information, read reviews, and compare and contrast service providers.


People trust Google's recommendations and rarely browse past the first page of results. This is why it's so important to rank somewhere on page 1 or "preferably "above the fold" or in the first 5 search results. If your business isn't visible amoungst that group of 5 you simply won't be considered as an option by a potential client. This isn't the "Field of Dreams" and the customers won't come call just because you have a website, you need to get your SEO handled and ensure you are a part of the purchasing conversation.


Through careful research we determine what the Calgary, AB market is searching for online in your industry or area of business. We use this information to structure your website and write it's content. If your website is properly optimized for search it will be easier to rank in search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. The best part about an organic ranking is the ongoing investment, it's much more cost effective than using paid sources of traffic like Google AdWords (PPC) or Facebook.

Search engine optimization is one the highest return marketing activities any small business with a website can participate in. By optimizing your website and its content for search you are being proactive. SEO helps you place your website in the path of success, because if you can’t be found online, or in Google by your potential customers it is unlikely that you will be successful in making the sale. We are one of the best Calgary SEO agencies around, we have testimonials and proven results.


How we rank your website..

With our search engine optimization service you can have your website boosted in Google's search results in no time. We can manage your entire SEO campaign for you, including:


  • Keyword research
  • Competitive research
  • Technical audits
  • Onsite optimization
  • Link building

Why invest in Search Engine Optimization?

High Return on Investment (ROI)

Good SEO serves are the foundation for any successful website, and when compared to other marketing activities SEO is time and time again of the highest return marketing activities out there. Not only is it reliable it won't absorb your budget as an ongoing budget for years to come. Campaigns are typically 8-10 months in length vs. the perpetual cost of paid traffic. The return on your investment grows each and every month you continue to rank page one.

Maximized Market Share

No one marketing channel is best for a business and a multi channel approach is always best. There is a significant portion of the market that you are not connecting with if you haven't handled your SEO, and your competitors are thankful that you haven't invested and made things easy for them. Customers are using search engines more and more when it comes to finding goods and service online. Get your piece of the pie by positioning yourself for success.


SEO by nature is highly measureable, and what can be measured can be managed and improved. Having insight into your rankings, traffic, potential traffic and other important metrics allows you to predict the flow of new traffic an SEO campaign could bring you. If you can predict the influx in new business you can make an informed decision with your marketing budget. SEO isn't right for all small businesses but when it is the number don't lie.

Competitive Advantage

Your competitors have been optimizing their SEO for years. If you aren’t appearing on par with them in search you’re going to lose business to them plain and simple. If you aren't a part of the conversation your customers won't even know you are available to provide them products or services. 

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